Compliance Audits

As with recordkeeping, the federal government requires that importers and exporters conduct their operations with the utmost diligence and in full compliance with a complex array of responsibilities. With our extensive experience in compliance, we understand that most violations are unintended and result from a lack of awareness by the importer or exporter.

In addition, we understand that many business partners such as brokers or freight forwarders commit violations that are attributed to the importers and exporters. TCS knows that if a responsibility cannot be measured, it cannot be managed. Taking this axiom one step further, if the means of meeting a responsibility cannot be reviewed and audited, then its effectiveness cannot be measured. This is especially true for compliance programs. Thus, it is critical for prudent importers to conduct periodic compliance reviews, either as a quick “health check” or a comprehensive audit to test the effectiveness of internal controls. Our reviews include the performance testing of key partners such as customs brokers and freight forwarders. Furthermore, TCS LLC can assist in the successful management of the audit process in the event of an agency audit.